Monday, October 13, 2008

The Lion Mask (Leonardo the Poet)

I warned you I was goofy about lions.  There is about to be a juried mask show at a local gallery, so naturally, I decided that my mask entry needed to be a lion.  My friend Beverly suggested his name.   She said he looks wise and thoughtful, like a poet.  I don't know if  he fits into the parameters of what the judges are looking for, but I am hopeful.  I will submit him on Thursday and will probably know by this weekend if he is accepted.  Wish us good luck, please.
Copyright Susan Moore


Gramma Din said...

Oh my God, Suz, he's utterly FABULOUS!!!!!! I have no words to describe. Your imagination is an unmatchable gift. You go girl ~ he's such a winner just like his creator.

Susan J. Moore said...

Thank you Dini. I think the whiskers make a nice finishing touch. I hope he makes it into the show, but I will miss him if he does. He's such a presence in my office. He's hanging on the door behind me and looking over my shoulder as I write.

Kelly said...

This is outstanding!! What did you use for his mane?