Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rusty Deer

Among the charming scenes everywhere you look at Rose & Thorn, is this trio of deer sculptured in pieces of rusting metal.  They looked so at home surrounded by Lillies of the Nile and herds of grazing chickens, I couldn't resist painting them.  An Angel loaned me a gob of Cinnabar Green for some highlights and advised me to paint my chicken red.  That's what I love about Monday Morning Painters.  You get to go to the greatest places and hang out with marvelous people.  
Copyright Susan Moore

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Dini said...

God, they're WONDERFUL! I love them!! What size is the painting? Did you change the look of your blog a bit? Looks like there may be more space on the left side than I remember yesterday. It's really looking wonderful, Suz. Fun, isn't it?